It requires: 4.0+

Description: It has been a pair of years since the Zombpocalypse returned cities of the world in the cemeteries and sent to the few survivors to the secrecy. Now it is necessary to reunite them of security and to recover the civilization of a city in ruins, a building simultaneously.

To reconstruct 3 is a game of simulation of strategy with a good ration of narrative and black humor. It is a reflective game that is going to do become fond of you to the survivors before sending them to the death for the common good. When extending his strength to the new buildings, you will be able to decide between farms or fortifications, houses and hospitals, and to make decisions difficult to defend themselves of the invaders, the diseases, the hunger, and madness. And the dead are still that way wandering by the streets, more hunger than ever.

This sequel of the “unputdownable” movable Rebuild (also known as Rebuild 2) is, much more great much. A look only throws to these functions:

- Strategy of style and the city (re) construction of 4X
- To return to play endless with the cities and the random events
- The survivors with particular abilities, allowances, relations and histories
- Rival strong APN with its own agendas, amiable or of another way
- Way Campaign, a route by the cities of increasing size and the difficulty
- Strategic strength of defense and interactive attacks
The way of reproduction, or in real time or turns with -
- 5 abilities: the defense, the leadership, the compaction, the construction, engineering
- 10 resources and articles one-time to find or artisan
- 30 missions: to look for food, to kill zombies, farm, fish, the commerce, to serve glasses…
- 35 trees investigation node
- 50 types of buildings with singular uses and/or resources scavengeable
- 70 types of equipment to find
- 100 benefits of survivor: Hand-to-hand of training, Green Thumb, Luz Sleeper…
- 200,000 words of the text of the event - sufficient to fill two novels

What has again:
- Menu of the publisher to hide to mission oldschool of form predetermined in the mobile (to activate through purification menu)
- Games kept from transference to other devices through menu configuration To keep
- Now government menu can change to the difficulty of the part inferior of información>
- To improve the graphical options of commutation live
- To improve the communications to save the faults
- Car-update to small textures in some systems
- Information on tools positioning fixes correctly
- Fixed Autoguardado of interchange to end
- Several fixed typesetter errors

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