It requires: 4.0.3+

Description: It blocks the announcements without Root

AdGuard provides a trustworthy and manageable protection to him that immediately and without its participation filters the load webpages. AdGuard eliminates all the annoying announcements, blocks of load of dangerous websites, and not to allow that nobody the pursuit of its activities in Internet.
When processing a webpage, AdGuard makes several things simultaneously:
1. It in line eliminates the announcements and the code of pursuit directly from the page.
2. The controls of a page against our data base of phishing and malicious sites.
3. It verifies applications unloaded from unknown sources.
* Well-known problem has been corrected some errors with filtrate of traffic HTTPS (: conflict with the load heroes game)
* A problem with Android has been corrected killing process of application in case of sliding from recent applications

This application does not have announcements



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