It requires: 2.3+

General information: To execute the greater store of pizza in the city! From the same creators of the game the lists of successes My Shop Sandwich comes My Shop Pizza! The furnace is hot and ready to go, to come to play!

It is lunch time! Everybody starves and ready to happen through its famous restaurant and to have one of that famous pizza that all have heard speak. It reviews the ingredients and they are prepared to serve the clients and it will delight to them with his prescriptions of favorite pizza. Also to be fast, since it will not spend long time before they leave his unsatisfied place.

You will be able to serve to all the clients in the time? My Shop Pizza is funniest of management of the time and pizza Maker Game, to unload now and you verify same you!

Desire currencies with each sale and to buy new ingredients, drinks and new elements to personalize its store of pizza and even to do it still better, of the way that you want! It paints the walls, to change the floor, to buy new trays and boxes of pizza, lights and much more!

Several types exist of you graze and the ingredients, among them peppers, eggs, mushrooms, olives, onion, tomato, anchovies, brócoli, cheese, ham, pepperoni and shrimps.
Simple, funny and challenging game for all the ages
Personalizables elements so that its store of unique pizza
Innumerable ingredients of the pizza, combinations and prescriptions
Many drinks to serve thus
Maker game diversion pizza for the children, the children and children
Management of classic time



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