It requires: 2.3.3+

It follows the passages of hunting major of Multiverso. Offering additional levels of campaign, challenges and new cards to collect, you assume the role of Garruk and to hunt its prey through the airplanes!

It will be able to explore the favorite airplane of fans of Alara to unblock new and powerful cards - It takes on the paper of Garruk and to use its mallet in evolution to hunt his prey-to gain the battle through multiplayer Boosters to extend its card collection


Anticipated of birds: The players who have bought the complete Package, Collection Card Bundle, or any Premium Boosters for Magic 2015 before the 11.05.2014 to obtain an expansion campaign automatically the revenge of the Garruk add to their account like an advantage! Simply to update Magic 2015 to the last version, initiates the game, and the expansion campaign will be there hoping by you!


Of undergoes better game of strategy of the world with Magical 2015-Duel the Planeswalkers!

To look for the greatest game in this new adventure. Offer to powerful creatures and exerts devastating spells to still defeat to your opponents in the most exciting magic!

To learn magic:

• detailed tutorial causes that it is easy to begin to play

• The fastest form to learn better letter game of commercial strategy of the world

BATTLE traverse of the planes:

• It sharpens your abilities as fights to your way through Multiverso

• Face opponent more and more challenging

• They see face face with Planeswalkers legendary in Innistrad, Theros, Ravnica, and more.


• Its final cover of hundreds of cards elaborates

• To open to Booster packs to let grow its collection and more powerful being

It defies to your friendly:

• It enters the multiplayer way to put your mallet on approval

• It on approval puts his abilities against random opponents or your friendly

* Premium Boosters bought individually or in packages can be opened once it has completed the Innistrad Chapter.

What has again

To even unblock more cards for its collection with the Teacher of Monsters package of the card! The Master 30-card of Monsters Pack includes the black set “base Sacrifice” of 10 letters, the “Wings of the joint red Chaos” of 10 letters, and the green “Guardians of the Wild” formed 10-card to use with cards already presents in its collection. Master of Monsters Package cards can be used in the covers, as much for the campaign and the multiplayer game.

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