It requires: 4.0+

Description: 1Password, hard creates unique passwords for each site, all of them remember you, and it connects to him with a single touch. It is the best way to stay safe and the fastest form to use the Web.

It free treats 1Password today and to see by same you why The Guardian locates to us like one of “the best applications for Android of 2014”.

1Password creates unique passwords and strong for each site, to all of them it remembers you, and it connects to him with a single touch. It is the best way to stay safe and the fastest form to use the Web. More information: http://ift.tt/1kZaah7

- 1Password Lets remember all passwords so that it does not have

- Elements of synchronization more of 1Password for PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad

- It takes all the names of user, credit cards, safe articles of portfolio, and more in the way

- Between for websites with a single touch

- Its vault with a single masterful password Protects

- It assures with test of manipulations based authenticated using AES-256 and Base-then-MAC

- Car-Lock maintains his protected data even if the device is lost or is robbed

- All the gratuitous functions to prove during 30 days all the new clients!


1Password is a beautiful application, insurance of passwords and other sensible articles that need to stay out of danger. Tome advantage from our technology of thinning of pocket and the purse. It stores thousands of articles wallet without no of the Ardennes. It never leaves vital information at home again!

- Store of Secure, Credit cards Notes, passport, bank account, and more

- Visualization of attached archives adds from the PC or Mac

- It finds what you need quickly with long-range search


1Password maintains its life in synchrony with other editions for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad, that is sold separately in 1Password.com.

- Support of Dropbox for the automatic synchronization between platforms

- Use of the folder of synchronization to maintain its data in synchronization without needing using the cloud

Improved with characteristics premium

It takes advantage of all the potential 1Password 4 and to make changes on the march with a single buy-without subscriptions in-app. To create new passwords, to publish existing elements, to mark favorite articles as for a fast access, and more!

- To add new elements like beginnings of session, Secure Notes, and Identities directly from its Android device

- To generate safe, unique passwords for each site with our Generator of trustworthy password

- It marks his favorite used articles more as for a fast access

- It organizes his elements in folders

- It personalizes your articles to save everything what needs

More information on 1Password 4 for Android in our website: http://j.mp/1P4Android

And in our guide: http://j.mp/1P4AndroidGuide

It would enchant to us to hear of you

1Password enchants to us and we strived so that it is the best one than it can be. Please it shares its commentaries or questions with us in our site discussions: http://j.mp/1PAForum or sending an e-mail directly to support+android@agilebits.com.

1Password 4.2b10 for Android includes a series of improvements and corrections on the base of its commentaries.

Note: It is not possible to have so much in Google Play version and the beta version installed in the same device. You will have to choose one of the versions.

Functions Premium are unblocked!

This application comes without announcements



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