It requires: 2.2+

Description: Prepare you to see the pigs fly!

Of the creators of Angry IBRDs: all the new game from the point of view of the pigs!

Balance creates the last/tracking//spinning/to safely crash device of flight and pilot of the pigs to eggs!

The Bad Piggies are after eggs again - but as always, nothing goes according to the glided thing! Be created the last can machine to fly and to lead surely to its destiny? Those difficult pigs have some objects that can use, but need your aid to turn them into the perfect transport!

With more than 60 levels and gratuitous updates that raise, you have hours and hours of pig she crashes, the explosion, and the diversion of flight! It secures three stars in each level to unblock 30 puzzles more! SUGGESTION: Sometimes it is necessary to play the level several times to achieve all the objectives - it tries to construct a new device or of direction of a way different to gain all the stars!


● 60 filled levels to fly/conduction/to crash diversion!

● 30 puzles additional unblocked by three-carried out by the levels!

● gratuitous Updates!

● 4 levels of sand table to stretch its creativity!

● Extreme-special, ultrasecret, level of enclosure of security extreme-difficult to unblock by means of the compilation of all the skulls!

● 33 objects to create the definitive machine: motors, wings, ventilators, rockets of bottle, umbrella, globes and much more!

Mechanical pig

● You need aid? This dedito will construct for you!

● Mechanical pig pre-assembles transport for you!

● Everything what you must do is pilot of him!

● Tweak its design to secure three stars!

Prepare you to see the pigs fly!

What has in this version:

Prepare yourself for extraordinary a NEW LEVEL SALVADERA: Little Pig Adventure! It is the greater sand table still!

Version 1.6.0 also adds to a new piece - the gear box. Sometimes could you put his devices to the inverse one? The pigs have the technology now. To add to the gear box its devices to already travel to the right the left!



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