Smart Launcher 2 pro apk  v 2.10-7 begins a process of brief installation, the default applications on each of the six "bubbles" that are assigned to develop the launcher home screen of the brand. Once done, you are with these bubbles in a line on the middle of the house, the smart launcher 2 pro apk. Access to a hand to presenting your most frequently used applications and widgets screen, including large phone display arranged.

What we would like added in future versions but see the opportunity behind the scenes of smart launcher 2 pro apk widgets on the home screen left or right, instead.

The beauty of the new Pro version smart launcher 2 pro apk  is that you are not limited to six of these calls, but you can use other, and a variety of them, such as applications, files, and even add shortcuts or widgets pop up.

Upon entering the main menu displays a list of smart launcher 2 pro apk carefully with the folder icons on the left side, which can be edited and rearranged, and classified the contents of the category on the right applications smart launcher 2 pro apk  2.10-7. In addition to the Smart Launcher Pro 2 offers suggestions for commissioners applications are added in each category, you can not send directly to the Play-Shop to get it, and have it automatically in the appropriate folder.

You can also configure the Pro version of smart launcher 2 pro apk displays to solve widgets in contrast, and you can cover at least nine of them, each with different designs of the grid, and a screen background of your choice.

It also includes two-finger gestures of ways to launch smart launcher 2 pro apk applications, you can hit twice, assign to turn off the screen seem to think set different actions for single or Doppelganger in a bubble, and many little smart launcher 2 pro apk helpers.

If the intelligent use of the launch? Ultimately on whether the functions of the force necessary it is smart launcher 2 pro apk. If you work for a high degree of flexibility and the ability you can pretty much do what you want, look for something like Nova Launcher. However, if you want something that is not much of a learning curve, maintaining an intuitive design and has a fantastic view Smart Launcher 2 Pro apk may have to be for you.

The smart launcher 2 pro apk button is probably better suited for operation with one hand pitching typical mobile phone design that helps enormously if you have a large screen mobile phone, but that is not the only useful function Smart Launcher per second on smart launcher 2 pro apk.

October 24, 2014
Size: 2,01 MB [APK]
Current Version: 2.10-7
 Requires Android: 2.1 and up


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