Critical Strike Portable apk v3.587 android game is far enough that even some of the popular original cards that players experience certainly evolved recognize missing critical strike portable download. Face it, this game is based heavily like on Counter Strike, in fact, the developers are still there, the description of your Critical Strike Portable apk game.

Veterans of the series will recognize the original maps, weapons and characters in the game quickly, as almost similar to Counter-Strike 1.6. What's even better is that critical strike portable download does not occupy much space and requires 49 MB.

Critical Strike Portable apk multiplayer mobile game based on the popular Counter Strike game is based. Most maps and weapons in cs laptop similar to CS. If you're a fan of the CS-game, you'll quickly notice the similarity between the two games, so get your direct lik of critical strike portable download.

One of the main strengths is that I stressed to the adaptation of the Critical Strike Portable apk game. The number of robots to be rather against predefined robots that play in each level, the player can control add critical strike portable download. Players can also change the lives of robots, and change the amount of damage you can deal. But you can not change the AI of these Critical Strike Portable apk robots.

The FPS fans, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived finally as Counter Strike clone awaited Android finally shore critical strike portable download. Known as a portable critical hit, the Critical Strike Portable apk game is a reduced version of its big brother.

Controlling your character is a sort of challenge that has to carry out controls on the touch screen. Playing the game is quite difficult especially Critical Strike Portable apk is a fast game that requires lightning-fast response.

Critical Strike Portable apk v3.587 is based on the Unity 3D platform and if you've played Shadow gun, Roboto or Temple Run, which more or less have an idea of how the game looks.

Get critical strike portable download v3.587 and star playing. We recommend that you purchase a separate, special or use the PS3 six axis controller if you actually played Critical Strike Portable apk, refer multiplayer Bluetooth controller.

If you insist, again, touch controls Critical Strike Portable apk game is so generous enough to suit their own controls. Configuring quite large, your analog stick and even dispense buttons anywhere on the screen, depending on the content of your heart is time to play Critical Strike Portable apk.

October 27, 2014
Size: 49,04 MB [APK]
Current Version: 3.587
 Requires Android: 2.3 and up


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