Parking Mania APK 2.3.0 HD is trying to take a daily activity, and. In some fun I do not know about you, but I never connected parking my car at a great time, but again, I never thought of three color matching jewels, if I keep the magic either, and Parking Mania APK did .the luggage duty switch.

These basic mechanisms theme for players and controls of Parking Mania APK are what really shine maze game. In both cases, Parking Mania APK average.Apart park your vehicle, you will need also able to collect gold coins, but not really. All that matters is to find the parking lot of speed and accuracy.

With Parking Mania APK v2.3.0 You can adjust the sensitivity in the menu options, but it is a reasonable assumption that you spend time trying to get driving a lot of the shoot. I wish the controls a little more intuitive sense, although I realize that the cruise must be hard in every game of the labyrinth Parking Mania APK. And yet it would be better if the players do not feel like fighting the controls.

Essentially, Parking Mania APK v 2.3.0 Chilling several key elements in common with style maze games such as ozone and Labyrinth 2. Using a top-down view, the goal in this game to an object from point A to point B.

There are various control systems for the players available, but likely to run (pun intended) to use the accelerometer to park cars because it feels more like real driving. Each car has front and rear parked only in two directions, and these are controlled by a pedal on the bottom right corner of the Parking Mania APK screen.

But for those who stayed on the road many of time, it's not really a decision to play for relaxation. I'm not sure what purpose clearly sexist images is the main screen. I think this is an attempt to make cars to park to look good, but just do not miss Parking Mania APK. It is best rude and insensitive.

In general, the task of Parking Mania APK game is to park the car only, but later on for stabbing in the street or find an empty parking lot.Anything can happen up to five times per level.

The question is above Parking Mania APK average. There's just nothing exciting about parking cars, although the developers try to change things to do, performed certain duties at night with very limited light and including Parking Mania APK moving traffic.

The Parking Mania APK game is controlled by buttons on the screen or gm device and you can either choose a measure both of which are very sensitive. Each level is an area in the parking lot and how it bigger and bigger as you grow, play Parking Mania APK v 2.3.0 and go anywhere.

Parking Mania APK v2.3.0 is a good car simulation with 2D graphics, responsive controls and many deffirent levels. By the way i would to tell you that this app is really good to use try it and see how the game was for the developers. We believe, however, that the graphics could have been better on Parking Mania APK.

Specifications :

November 20, 2014
Size: 49 MB [APK]
Current Version: 2.3.0
 Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up  
Downloads :


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