Unified Remote Full v3.0.17 APK , the perfect way to control your computer via your android dvice, is an Android application, control functions, and uses a PC / laptop easily with your Android smartphone. And how Unified Application complete remote ??? unified remote full apk work full distance so that you can control via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the PC / laptop with this application if became Wifi or Bluetooth unified remote download.

Unified remote full apk is a unified application that is very useful, and there is a premium application with unified remote download  exceptional features, you can control the mouse, keyboard and other media.


* IR stock (new unified remote full apk)
* Quick Steps
* Applications
* NFC Actions
* Control custom distance unified remote download
* WiFi (TCP / UDP)
* bluetooth
* The server configuration and easy application
* Manager full server
* Automatic server discovery unified remote full apk
* Clear connection troubleshooting
* Custom / Android keyboard support
* Single / Multi Touch Mouse
* Hardware volume control
* Quick Switch using swipe gestures unified remote download
* Servers are changing rapidly
* Media unified remote full apk Auto-Pause for phone calls
* Homescreen shortcuts to remotes
* Wake-On-Lan
* Protection password server
* 256-bit AES
* Voice commands
* Samsung Multi-window

Free remote controls and full VERSION

* Basic Input
* File Manager
* Keyboard
* Means
* Power
* Presentation
* Spotify
* Home
* Task Manager
* Windows Media Center
* Windows Media Player
* VLC (Keyboard)
* YouTube

Remote controls in the full version

* Control custom distance
* Boxee (Keyboard)
* Boxee (Web)
* BSPlayer
* Chrome
* Firefox
* Foobar2000
* Google Music
* Hulu Desktop
* Hulu Web
* Internet Explorer
* ITunes
* J River Media Center
* Monitoring
* Media Portal
* Media Monkey
* Netflix
* Opera
* Pandora
* Picasa
* Plex
* Advanced PowerPoint
* PowerPoint Basic
* Send SMS
* Advanced Spotify
* TellStick
* Direct TellStick (new unified remote full apk)
* USB-UIRT Helper unified remote download
* Winamp
* Windows Photo Viewer
* VLC (Web)
* XBMC (Keyboard)
* XBMC (Web)
* XBMC Media
* Advanced XBMC (new unified remote full apk)


INTERNET: unified remote download connect to the server.
Bluetooth to connect the server.
WAKE_LOCK: wake lock option unified remote full apk.
READ_PHONE_STATE: automatic pause.
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: server connection.
Vibration: the haptic feedback option Unified remote full apk.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: server connection .
NFC: NFC for stocks unified remote download.
Launch shortcuts: INSTALL_SHORTCUT Unified remote full apk.
CHECK_LICENSE: for the licensing exam.

August 11, 2014
Size: 3,1 MB.
Current Version: 3.0.21
 Requires Android: 2.1 and up



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