The game is not the classic Metal Slug look around All-that-moves, but gives him a limited control over the units you release control, each  metal slug apk with a unique function that all have a common goal of eliminating the enemy and simply metal slug android apk. The single player missions are very simple; metal slug apk must be for new players to get an idea on how to navigate to get better play.

The sound of metal slug apk was stable, with light classical music when you played in the era of the arcade, Metal Slug could be back just in time of metal slug android apk.

You will receive an AP bar (metal slug android apk) the amount of energy that you get to convert dictation metal slug apk units. Your goal is to save it from destruction, while its base to destroy the basis of total and absolute opponents metal slug android apk. If the single-player missions progress, you will overcome metal slug apk.

While this may just be fussy menus were designed to tell the origin metal slug apk of  the 16-bit game metal slug android apk, but they seem less focused on the menu so the real game the user a unique experience inspiration.

There are daily metal slug android apk rewards and achievements to unlock access. There is also a WiFi mode to play with friends and family, this is where all the fun will be.

By staying true to the nature of the metal slug android apk is changed or modified anything dispose happy metal slug apk with him now Boom widely used in the mobile gaming market uses 16-bit graphics, the core is home to lose fan base Metal Slug and with nothing much to offer metal slug android apk, and they have done enough to know how to make the most of this metal slug android apk environment.

The game Metal Slug android apk consists of six missions, a dozen collecting weapons and countless bloody terrible even appear in their wake metal slug android apk. His first play through you only have a few hours or more on metal slug for android, but there are plenty of replay value here with four levels and a new mission mode, in metal slug for android you choose to start as soon as you hit a mission box metal slug android apk. Score loop is compatible with achievements and rankings and you can save metal slug for android. Unfortunately if rehearsals now be shared, but it is a great feature independently.

January 27, 2014
Size: 37,91 MB [APK]
Current Version: 1.9.0
 Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
[Rooted & NO-Rooted]
1  Install APK file
2  Download DATA Via Wi-FI



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