Ruzzle apk is a social word game that your friends (or strangers) ruzzle android challenge to see who can find the most words in two minutes. Then you characterize smart with finger movement. Many words as possible

The first looking of ruzzle android app, you are stuck with two letter words, but he was rolling on the screen up, down, left, right, backwards and diagonally to form ruzzle apk. Longer and more impressive words soon Each letter is assigned a point value, such as Scrabble and advanced players will likely focus on the use of the most valuable cards.

The game ruzzle android app has attracted attention almost immediately when it was released early last year of ruzzle apk, but the interest initially limited to the domestic market in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. But sometime last year, everything changed and things really took off ruzzle apk in a great way.

Such figures and anecdotes are too hard to ignore, we brought back the good people watching behind Ruzzle android who they are, how you play, and where things can go from here with ruzzle apk.

From Ruzzle apk gives you so many different ways to form words, the game is very satisfying. One way I like to measure the success of a game is not like I want to play "addiction is very easy to reach", but the amount of experience playing later remembered ruzzle apk. I will probably remember the time that I managed to spell for some time, "ruzzle android" Bastion  it.
24 Juillet 2014
Size: 23,95 MB [APK]
Current Version: 1.7.2
 Requires Android: 2.1 and up


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