Thor apk game developed by Gameloft, Thor LMDT The Official Game is an adventure game and an action game on Android. In this episode we embody Thor, as the name suggests. While Malekith, Lord of the Dark Elves, thor android decided to attack the new worlds, and Thor download must react against the attack. You will fight alongside the warrior and defender of Asgard Thor apk. Gradually, since it will progress through the game to unlock and upgrade powerful hammers and armor that can help even more crucial.

Thor android: The Dark World  follows the adventures on the big screen of Thor apk, the mighty Avenger, land and all the nine realms of a dark enemy who is fighting to save the universe itself forward in the course. Thor download for Marvel and  Marvel Avengers Thor apk,  Thor struggle to restore through the cosmos Thor apk... but an ancient race led by Malekith the avenger returns to the world back into the dark jump. Against an enemy that can not withstand even Odin and Asgard, are confronted, Thor is at its most dangerous and personal thor android journey has issued both a linking him with Jane Foster again and force him to sacrifice everything to be all of us to save Thor apk.

Become Thor android, God of Thunder in this adventure game official measure of Marvel Thor: The Movie Dark World!
This game requires 1.6 GB of free disk space to install the game If the download does not start on Google, Thor apk it may be because there is not enough free space on the device.
Lord of the Dark Elves and the old enemy of Asgard, led a revolt to destroy the nine worlds! Thor must take part in a race to save the world from the curse of the dark elves! Fight thor android. Having the best warrior and defender of Asgard in this action game you can only start against Malekith and save the nine worlds!

The actor also refers to the new movements of the character Thor apk. I really wanted to ramp their talents to fight ... Not just what Thor apk viking hammer throw Thor apk. Demigod dynamic movements Unfortunately we have not seen before thor android. And then there is the return of Loki , Thor apk, distress calls.
You can get Thor download , you 'll need the help of Loki turns everything on its head, and allows us to explore the complexity that underlies their relationship., Really ends up being a kind of chess game.

February 27, 2014
Size: 953 MB.
Current Version: 1.2.0n
 Requires Android: 2.3 and up


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