Kaspersky for android provides more protection for their financial transactions. If you connect to a bank commercial web site or online payment, new technology Kaspersky android Safe money provides automatic protection. Check the URL of the website with a list of safe sites, check.'s Security certificate for the site and also analyzes the operating system of your PC to check for related vulnerabilities Safe Money also shows that the page automatically opens the money from the special insurance kaspersky android - to further protect your personal data against theft kaspersky for android.

Improved secure Virtual Keyboard
kaspersky for android to protect you from identity theft. If kaspersky android with a banking site or payment opens - or enter a password on a Web page - the keyboard Kaspersky safe technology automatically prevents keyloggers access to personal information you enter on your keyboard kaspersky for android. In addition to improving kaspersky android and the virtual keyboard kaspersky for android technology allows you to confidential data, enter without a keyboard - so that your information is secure, be detected by the "screen scrapers, keyloggers and more.

Automatic Exploit Prevention
Kaspersky for android defense against the exploitation of vulnerabilities . Malicious software is increasingly directed several vulnerabilities in popular applications PC kaspersky android. kaspersky for android Total Security 3.0 includes a new technology - Automatic Exploit Prevention - blocking of malware to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky android scans your PC for vulnerabilities and controls the actions of all the programs that have security vulnerabilities. Block threats of:
Monitoring the implementation of the application executable files have weaknesses
The analysis of the behavior of executable files - to identify similarities known malware
The limitation of actions that can be taken over by the applications have vulnerabilities

Password Manager *
kaspersky for android Password Manager not only improves safety - by generating random secure passwords - which kaspersky internet security android also connects automatically to your accounts and web applications, including Skype and instant messaging. Now with the new sync function passwords, kaspersky for android stores your passwords securely online in the cloud kaspersky internet security android. With Password Synchronization,with  kaspersky for android you can be assured of your passwords from any PC and it will start automatically at the selected sites and web applications kaspersky internet security android.

online Backup
kaspersky for android back even more convenient to use the data. If your PC does not work, the functions of kaspersky for android is a versatile backup means you can still access your kaspersky internet security android documents, photos, music and other files. Kaspersky for android, you can on your hard disk, removable media or a variety of other physical storage media to back up your data kaspersky for android. In addition, the new role of online backup is can up to 2 GB of online backup files on Dropbox - so you can use any computer with an  kaspersky android Internet connection to access the backup

Updated: 29 Aughst 15, 2014
Size: 32 MB
Current Version:
 Requires Android: 2.3 and up


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