Pou download apk you can finally find it here. You have the first contact with extraterrestrial life as a sensitive point called pou app. The good news is that Pou is not to conquer the world. There will even be taken to your leader pou download apk. The bad news is that there is not really much to do; He is still a baby physically and needs lots of love and care before they grow big and strong pou app.

Pou is a pet simulation for Android bag strange aliens make their own care and make sure they are still energized, excited, and can not get enough pou download apk. The game is one of the most popular kids to kill time and adults, offering many exciting  pou download apk mini-games.

Feed and care Pou and watch it grow! The games in the game room and collect coins! Experiences with potions lab, pou app customize the appearance Pou! Try new costumes, hats and sunglasses! Customize wallpaper every room pou modded apk! Unlock achievements and special pou download apk! Visit and play with friends to talk and listen pou app.

The game has a simple gameplay and is only controlled by the key. After execution, you will see your child in the center of the screen pou app. At the top you will see the stats of the creature that will show you how hungry, tired of watching, and it's healthy pou download apk. With the arrows at the top of the screen, with pou modded apk you will be able to change the margins.

Your creature capable of different things, depending on the room to do so try pou download apk. In other words, you eat in position, in the kitchen and make him go to bed in her bedroom pou modded apk. Other than that, the game has many exciting mini-games integrated and gives you almost endless customization options creature of pou download apk.

Do you have what it takes to take care of your own foreign company mascot? Feed, clean, play with it and see it grow to level up and unlock different outfits and backgrounds to meet their unique pou download apk flavor. How the module is adapted.

September 25, 2014
Size: 19,56 MB.
Current Version: 1.4.57
 Requires Android: 1.6 and up


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