Sıla (well-known like Sila: Captive By Love in Hispanic America) it is a series of Turkish television that originally wore for the first time the 15 of September of 2006 and arrived at its aim the 20 from September from 2008 in the terrestrial television network ATV. Directed by Gül Oğuz and produced by FM Yapim, it counts on the protagonism of actors Cansu Dere and Mehmet Akif Alakurt.


Sila is given to Erkan, a rich man of Istambul, where it lives luxuries and wonders. But the place gets its biological father Celil to take it to Marbin, where it was born, putting as pretext that her mother was in the last ones and wished to see it. Nevertheless, it decides to remain in Marbin to be present at the wedding of his brother and is then where he forces it to contract marriage with the head of the marbinense tribe, Boran, to pay a debt that he committed when escaping with the sister of the head.

During the marriage, Sila undergoes pressure by its mother-in-law, aid to its Ayse maid and is present at murders committed by the tradition that makes think that the best thing is to escape. Their adoptive parents find out than they are doing to him, nevertheless they die in an accident way to Istambul, where the desire to escape of Sila increase. After so many attempts, he manages to escape next to Narin and Azad to Istambul with the help of Emre.

Sila gives account that it loves Boran, that he is of good heart to confess its love to him, and only wants to Emre for the friendship. But it is very behind schedule, the tribe gets ready to end his life, but something will prevent its death: its pregnancy. Boran thinks that Sila escaped because it did not love it, but in fact she had to become position of the obtained inheritance of Mr. Erkan, whose Borjan nephew wishes with all desire.

Celil left to Istambul to kill to Sila but when arriving at the mansion where she was refugee, Emre commands to its man to give him some beatings. Soon he tries to commit suicide and is found by some fishermen, who take it to the hospital. Azad finds out this and with Sila and its family they arrive at the hospital. Boran already knows the whereabouts of Sila, and Narin is arranged to that Boran fulfills the tradition. Nevertheless, Sila notices to him to Boran that if it kills to Narin she will destroy all their power and it will put it to prison.


Cansu Dere
Sıla Sönmez/Genco

Mehmet Akif Alakurt
Boran Genco

Menderes Samancılar
Celil Sönmez

Zeynep Eronat
To forbid Sönmez

Tayanç Ayaydın

Devrim Saltoğlu
Cihan Genco

Cemal Toktaș
Azad Sönmez

Boncuk Yılmaz
Narin Genco

Muhammed Cangören

Celil Nalçakan
Dilaver Genco

Fatoș Complexion
Kevser Genco

Namık Kemal Yiğittürk
Firuz Ağa

Gökçe Yanardağ

Serap Doğan

Kartal Balaban
Emre Türkoğlu

Fatoș Sezer

Hazal Kaya

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