It requires: 2.2+

General information: Stranger army occupies the city and all the building and the highways were broken.

HeroX moves to save the Earth.
The Disguises:
- To make the heroes superpower by Power-up!
- To change clothes of Power-up!
The Stand for casks:
- The special Attack by each hero.
- More Than 10 Abilities Stand for casks.
Stand for casks - BASIC, air stand for casks, varieties of stand for casks.
System - Level in march, like the roll games.
The Arms:
- UZI, M-16, AK-47, Beretta, Magnum!
- To use Attacking pistols, rifles, grenades.
- To take, To destroy and to throw the objects.
Conveyer belts, - Utilize frozen ground, table of jump, and helices.
The A.I.
Stage Head - Several with the best A.I.
- Smart To play with system optimized for the mapeo.
Abilities of attack - Many as a game of action fight.
The Missions:
Stones - To gather like completing many missions.
- To use a pile of abilities based on stones.
- To use 3 abilities at the same time.
The Puzzles:
- Stage That consists of numerous mosaics of maps.
Factor of - Puzzle using “handles”.
The Characteristics of the game:
Animations action - To have more than 100.
- To gather Gold, to buy heroes and to raise of level!
- clear the villains with facility with raising of level and experience point.
- To look for the hidden area in the scene.
- Feel the retro game arcade!



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