It requires: 2.2+

Description: You think that you know it everything on cinema, cult films or to twist the end? Soon your knowledge with Climax come on approval, an application as you have never seen it before.

Climax is not a boring contest or an old-fashioned table game! In his place, you will have to use all their culture of the seventh art with the purpose of to guess to the solution of each mini-game, reproducing therefore the most famous scenes of the history of the cinema. Collapse of the Titanic, the appearance of an egg of Alien or demolishing airplanes like King Kong… to prepare itself to review its classic ones.
But it is careful, because the time finishes! So make sure to solve each situation before the end of the countdown, or will have to modify those anthology scenes. It is going to be centered sufficient to overcome the challenge Climax?

• The first application of its type
• More than 50 mini-games to discover
• A diversified and intuitive game
• Streamlined Uncluttered graphs and
• A game of fast rate for the continuous challenge

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