Snap Camera HDR APK
Snap Camera HDR APK
Snap Camera HDRSnap Camera APK

Snap Camera HDR APK V6.0.0 is an wonderful android app with many features to control your smartphones camera easily and personalize your picture, you can access your most recent photos, sliding left. However, you can see pictures of this snap camera apk application. The stored position map current snap camera apk Otherwise, the images from the application of the camera that is not included with the phone changed.

This application called Snap Camera HDR has its own post production editing suite, allowing you to make other changes to your image. Photo Editor of snap camera apk selected nine filters, frames and Snap Camera HDR APK eleven other sliders to the focal point of color, RGB curves, adapt including automatic rotation.

You can remove any of the pictures are deleted when you make a mistake with Snap Camera HDR APK, you can also touch undone. When you click on one of the pictures, you get to edit the same photos symbol bottom left, you can use snap camera apk options effects, add frames, stretch, crop, rotate or flip the image on Snap Camera HDR APK. Then there is the HDR function, both images take back to back and combines.

Snap Camera HDR APK you can apply any of these questions to other images captured by the camera App.This hooking She is the second application to be installed and sets 4.2 gallery. Opening the pressure, you have access to all the images on your device, and you will apply in the situation, one of Snap Camera HDR APK is the same above photo editing options.

This application of Snap Camera HDR APK v 6.0.0, you get the opportunity in 2448 photos and 3264 x 1080p video recording HD.It not a big problem able to receive pictures and videos tailored Unless Snap Camera HDR APK is made of high quality and high resolution of you while you take pictures and Snap Camera HDR APK video recordings for a rare event and the chance to miss due to the failure or unavailability.

There are settings of Snap Camera HDR APK. I'm not an HDR user, so do not know if it's good or not. Or if it is to work on my old camera HDR awkward smartphone.Snap Camera HDR APK also comes with its own gallery program, snap Gallery, some people may be helpful in finding its own right. Probably worth a look about Snap Camera HDR APK.

Snap Camera apk has more to offer than the standard camera properties in your phone, you will offer a larger selection of options looked certain lines of the camera and port for advanced photographers with the rule of Snap Camera HDR APK or thirds to meet with you for a few strokes better composites.

User of Snap Camera HDR APK 6.0.0 works with an interface like the stock Android interface in which you can tap to focus, pinch to zoom to control stress and cling to adjust the snap camera apk image settings. Speaking of Snap Camera HDR APK settings, you will find more settings version values and set it differently. They are still all the options in a circular fashion, but with more choices.

Snap Camera apk is generally want to shoot camera is a good alternative to say is for a smartphone camera "Cheese!" The only major drawback is that this application will tend to quit unexpectedly from time to time and auto focus, and white balance settings are available on this Snap Camera HDR APK.

Specifications :

October 22, 2014
Size: 5,19 MB [TOTAL]
Current Version: 6.0.0
 Requires Android: 4.2 and up  
Downloads :


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